• Thousands of Children in the United States Endangered by Deportations

    If the United States maintains the current pace of deportations, at least 15,000 children run the risk of becoming separated from their undocumented parents and placed in foster care, noted Prensa Latina. According to a report published by the Applied Research Center (ARC) on the 2nd of November, there are currently over 5,000 minors who […]

  • Cartoonists Say No to the Coup in Honduras

    Cuban Cartoonists’ Appeal to Their Colleagues in the World We have learned, thanks to the alternative Web site Rebelión, that, in the morning of Tuesday, the 30th of June, Honduran cartoonist and frequent contributor to this portal Allan McDonald was arrested and taken by force from his house, along with his 17-month-old daughter. The brutalities […]