• NATO Weapons for Georgia

    According to a report by the Russian newspaper Kommersant on Thursday, a group of NATO experts arrived in Georgia.  The group will estimate the military needs of the country after its attack on South Ossetia and war against Russia.  The activities of this working group will be kept secret.  However, its presence and basic task […]

  • Mass Expulsion in Pakistan:In the Shadow of the Caucasus Crisis

    Russia’s response to the Georgian aggression against South Ossetia has been the central theme of the media for a week, and it’s scarcely noticed that the human tragedy in northwest Pakistan will probably be of no less great political significance.  On Friday, the ninth day of a punitive military expedition against Bajaur Agency in the […]

  • Naval Blockade against Iran?

    The USA and the EU planning to escalate confrontation with Iran.  A military blockade discussed. In the conflict over Iran’s civilian nuclear program, the United States and Europe are intensifying confrontation.  At the top of the measures that are now being discussed is an international naval blockade by a “coalition of the willing.”  As in […]