• CTU Strike 2012

    The first week of the historic September 2012 Chicago teachers strike. . . . Produced by Labor Beat (mail@laborbeat.org, www.laborbeat.org, 312-226-3330).  Click here to make a donation to Labor Beat (Committee for Labor Access) and help rank-and-file TV. | Print

  • Free Bahrain!  Chicago Rally, 29 April 2011

    Hundreds of protesters gathered in Chicago’s Daley Plaza on April 29, 2011 to demand an end to the oppression of the people of Bahrain “at the hands of the Bahraini military and the security forces provided by other states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).”  The action was heavily attended by representatives from Chicago area […]

  • A More Effective Imperial CEO

      “We are here because some of us and our friends voted for change.  What did we get?  What we got was a more effective imperial CEO.” — Bruce A. Dixon of Black Agenda Report, Chicago, 16 October 2010 Video by Labor Beat (27 November 2010).  For more information: <mail@laborbeat.org>; <laborbeat.org>; 312-226-3330. | Print  

  • Railroad Workers United

    Rail freight carrier and passenger train companies have been finding ways to get their workers to do more for less for the past few decades.  Considering how much the economy of the U.S. depends upon the massive amount of freight moved by trains, one would think the unions representing those workers to be very powerful. […]

  • Mass Chicago Rally for Gaza

    On January 2, 2009, some 4,000 supporters of the people of Gaza rallied at Tribune Plaza on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue and then marched across the Michigan Ave. Bridge to hold a protest in front of the Israeli Consulate on E. Wacker Drive.  They could not fit everyone into the cleared street on the block in […]

  • Professor Finkelstein’s DePaul Farewell

    Sept. 5, 2007.  Hundreds of Professor Norman Finkelstein‘s supporters try to escort the fired teacher onto campus of DePaul University in Chicago.  Finkelstein, denied tenure by pro-Zionist administration because of his questioning of Israeli foreign policy, gives a statement (excerpts) after his final meeting with University officials.   Produced by Labor Beat.  Labor Beat is […]