• The Equitable Sharing of Atmospheric and Development Space: Some Critical Aspects

    Excerpt: In the quest for an international agreement on actions to address the climate change crisis, three aspects have to be the basis simultaneously: The environmental imperative, to prevent the climate from changing to the extent that would have disastrous consequences. The developmental imperative, in that developing countries have the needs and goals of eradicating […]

  • Cancun Climate Conference: Some Key Issues

    A year after the chaotic Copenhagen summit, the 2010 UNFCCC climate conference begins in Cancun.  Expectations are low this time around, especially compared to the eve of Copenhagen. That’s probably both good and bad.  The conference last year had been so hyped up beforehand, with so much hopes linked to it, that the lack of […]

  • The Global Water Crisis Should Be a Top Priority Issue

    In recent years, climate change seems to have elbowed out other environmental issues to become the No. 1 global problem.  But the alarming problems of water — increasing scarcity, lack of access to drinking water and sanitation, pollution, flooding — are equally important and an even more immediate threat. On 28 July, the UN General […]

  • Against Green Protectionism

    This issue of putting taxes on imports for reasons of climate change* has become a very hot topic. . . .  The developing countries are very much against such a measure because they see it as protectionism.  They see it as a way for the developed countries to evade their responsibilities to provide finance and […]