• Indignant, in Revolt, and Mobilizing against a Totally Illegitimate G20

    Over 10,000 demonstrators marched on the streets of Nice on the first of November, to denounce the illegitimacy of G20 and the injustice of economic policies that it advocates.  Indignant Spaniards and others, Wall Street occupiers, Greek and Senegalese rebels, Tunisian and Egyptian revolutionaries, Latin American, Italian, English, German, and French alterglobalization activists — all […]

  • People’s Assembly in Cancún

    Pablo Solón, Bolivia’s Ambassador to the United Nations: To the Via Campesina protesters, to social movements, we can tell you: What you’re doing is key because we, Bolivia, the ALBA countries, are not going to be able to change the reality of these negotiations if the people of the whole world don’t raise their consciousness, […]

  • In Mexico, Caravans to “Change the System, Not the Climate”

    Alberto Gomez, UNORCA, Via Campesina: Cancún is already a failure, so we are saying that we won’t accept the carbon market.  We have to derail this mechanism they wish to introduce in the carbon market, which is REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation), because it means a global privatization of forests.  That’s one […]