• Abraham Serfaty

    On November 18, I received the sad news: my Moroccan friend and teacher, Abraham Serfaty, passed away in Marrakesh, Morocco.  Serfaty was a well-known Moroccan communist dissident and an anti-Zionist Jewish Arab.  He died at the age of 83, after a long illness. My relationship with Abraham started four decades ago with a small book […]

  • Blue and White: Where Uri Avnery Has It Wrong

    Once again Uri Avnery is using his blog to criticize the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel.  Under the title “Red and Green,” Avnery comments on the long and interesting program recently broadcast on Israeli Channel 10 on the growing international isolation of Israel. Avnery, the veteran journalist and activist, repeats his main […]

  • Israel, Turkey, and the United States

    An act of piracy, war crime, blatant violation of international law, murder of unarmed civilians — each and every definition used by the international media is true, and altogether beside the point.  The murderous Israeli operation is, in fact, the expression of the new Israeli modus operandi.  And as such it is frightening. All over […]

  • Letter to a Friend on Israel’s Independence Day

    Tonight you celebrate the independence day of the state of Israel.  I do not. You probably believe that the Jews deserve a state, that the Holocaust survivors and their children had a right to a safe home of their own, and that the Land of Israel is the natural and legitimate place to fulfill the […]

  • Crisis Management in the Israeli-American Family

    Michael Warschawski: Before speaking about the crisis, one has to understand the special relationship between the United States and Israel.  Between these two states there is a strategic alliance, which is something extremely solid, very central to the US Middle East policy and very essential to Israel.  This strategic alliance is not in crisis.  In […]

  • A Crucial Factor in Colonial Conflicts: Opposition from Within

    In a colonial conflict, the main protagonists are, on the one hand, the colonial power and, on the other, the colonized population, and, when it exists, the liberation movement of the latter.  This was the case in the Algerian liberation war, the struggle of the Vietnamese people, in Angola and in Mozambique.  The ability of […]

  • The Future of Israel Is at Stake

    “We must reduce to dust the villages of the south [ . . . ]  I don’t understand why there is still electricity there.”1 With these words, Israeli Minister of Justice and former Labor Party leader, Haim Ramon, summarized his suggestions for the continuation of the military offensive in Lebanon, following the failure of the […]

  • Israeli Politics in a Post-Sharon Era

    Reading the local and international media, one gets the feeling that the brain hemorrhage which pushed Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon out of politics will have almost the same effect as those two bullets which ten years ago ended the life of his friend and predecessor, Yitzchak Rabin — the death of the peace process. […]