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From the cover image of Gerald Horne's, The Counter-Revolution of 1776 (NYU Press, 2014)

The Texas counter-revolution of 1836

This is a spot-on history of the birth of the American empire. But beyond recounting the regional and national events celebrated on the monument, re-viewing the Texas revolution in a world-historical perspective offers a far more insightful understanding of the conflict that occurred in northern Mexico in the 19th century.

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Victims of Empire

Jim Frederick.  Black Hearts: One Platoon’s Descent into Madness in Iraq’s Triangle of Death.  New York: Harmony Books, 2010.  439 pages.  Cloth.  $26.00. Black Hearts is not a story about your father’s army, or your grandfather’s — this is a tragic narrative of soldiers of the American empire running amok.  In recounting the rape of […]

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Is Obama a Justice President?

Will Obama emancipate US farmworkers and domestics from involuntary servitude?  The man has a busy agenda, but it’s a fair question. The vast majority of immigrants to the US have had to serve a sentence, often a life sentence, of involuntary servitude for the privilege of coming to America.  Historically, first generation immigrants have endured […]

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Calderon’s Nightmare — Renegotiating NAFTA

Open class struggle is every capitalist ruler’s nightmare.  As long as poor working people suffer in silence, business can continue as usual.  Heads of state can go on pushing the buttons and pulling the levers of power according to plan with little interference from below. There is a point in time, however, when the legions […]

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Power to the People: A NAFTA Corridor Victory

“After a dozen town hall meetings, nearly 50 public hearings, and countless one-on-one conversations, it is clear to us that Texans want us to use existing roadways to start building the Texas portion of Interstate 69,” said Texas Transportation Commissioner Ted Houghton (Texas Department of Transportation News Release, June 11, 2008). This news release reflects […]

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Meeting Resistance: Iraqi Insurgents Speak for Themselves

Meeting Resistance: A film by Molly Bingham and Steve Connors.   Now showing at various locations.  For a schedule, go to:   Available soon on DVD. Meeting Resistance is that rarest of discourse in the contemporary world — the true voice of the victims of US imperialism — edited, of course, as any coherent documentary must […]

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The NNIRR and Immigration Reform: Time for a Clear Alternative

HOUSTON, TX.  The National Conference for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (January 18-20) organized by the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (NNIRR) took place during a critical period in U.S. immigration history.  Over five hundred NNIRR members, activists, and organizers (including numerous immigrants and their organizations) came to the conference to share their experiences, […]

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SEIU v. Aramark: On the Mark and On the Move

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is on the mark in organizing the growing army of service workers in the US, and is on the move in sharp contrast to the industrial unions that have been stalled and subverted by anti-union legislation and massive offshoring (see “The Fight of Our Lives: The War of Attrition […]

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Globalization, 2: US Autoworkers, 0

The recent UAW ratification of the Chrysler contract that contains many of the same provisions that were adopted in the labor agreement signed with GM last month is another major blow to the jobs and welfare of US autoworkers.  Globalization, the Big Three’s grand strategy of pitting the workers of North America against one another […]

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