• Palestinians Call for Release of Italian Activist Kidnapped in Gaza

    Today, our friend and colleague, Vittorio Arrigoni, a journalist and human rights defender working in the Gaza Strip, was kidnapped by Salafists, members of a very small extremist group in Gaza. Vittorio has been active in the Palestine cause for almost 10 years.  For the past two and a half years, he has been in […]

  • Is Israel Guilty of Piracy?

    On June 30th, the Israeli Navy hijacked our small boat, the Spirit of Humanity, 19 miles off the coast of Gaza.  They kidnapped 21 crewmembers and passengers, including a former US congresswoman and a Nobel laureate.  Then, they forced them into a port in Israel.  Was this an act of piracy?  And did Israel break […]

  • “Gaza Terrorists”

    The photographs below were all taken inside the Gaza Strip during the Israeli invasion, from 26th December 2008 to now.  Many of the photographs were taken by the Palestinian coordinator of the International Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza.  She has titled her photographs: “Gaza Terrorists.” “In the end we will remember not the […]