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Will the American-Israeli Aggression against Lebanon Stop after the Unanimous Adoption by the Security Council of Resolution 1701 Yesterday?

One month and a day after the start of the American-Israeli aggression against Lebanon, after the failure of that aggression and its inability to achieve its aims, after America’s repeated use of stalling tactics, delaying expected sessions of the Security Council, and after numerous American drafts that were proposed and then retouched by France, it […]

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What Next?

20 July 2006 What next? This is a fearsome open Israeli war against Lebanon.  It has nothing to do with the matter of two Israeli prisoners. This is a war prepared ahead of time that had to wait for the right moment to be launched.  It is a war that had to wait for the […]

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The Fifth Day of the Aggression

Circular of the Political Bureau of the Lebanese Communist Party on Current Developments for Party Organizations and Friends On Current Developments: The Fifth Day of the Aggression Since the start of the aggression, our party has defined its position and stance as being at the head of those opposing with all possible means the aggression […]

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