• No War with Iran

    Below is a statement by the UNAC CC on the assassination of Iranian scientists and the growing threat of war against Iran. Also, UNAC members participated in a national conference call on Tuesday with many other antiwar and Iranian groups.  The meeting called for demonstrations on February 4 to protest the threat of war against […]

  • Protest 10 Years of War on Afghanistan

    Oct. 15 is a day of nationally coordinated antiwar actions in cities across the U.S., the 10th anniversary of the massively destructive and criminal U.S. war on Afghanistan. When the U.S. government began its attack on Afghanistan 10 years ago, President Bush called it a “war on terror.”  It was followed by 8 years of […]

  • Report on the August 28 Chicago Meeting to Organize the NATO/G8 Protests

    On Sunday, August 28, 163 people came together at the Kent College of Law in downtown Chicago to organize protests at the May 2012 NATO and G8 meetings in Chicago.  The 163 people represented 73 organizations.  Around 60 of those present came from outside of Chicago, mainly from nearby states but including people from as […]