• Love Me, I’m a Liberal

    Upon returning from summer break, I found a surprising letter awaiting me written by three colleagues from another university, two of whom I’d known and worked with for decades.  The letter simultaneously informed me about a conference my friends were organizing and explained — with some anguish I think — that I would not be […]

  • Hearts and Minds: Military Recruitment and the High School Battlefield

    In Purple Hearts, the documentary photographer Nina Berman (2004) presents forty photographs — two each of twenty US veterans of the American war in Iraq — plus a couple of accompanying paragraphs of commentary from each vet in his or her own words.  Their comments cohere around their service, their sacrifice, their suffering.  Purple Hearts […]

  • “Allowed to Leave Canada”

    On July 2, 2005 I took a flight from Chicago to western Canada where I was scheduled to give a lecture to a group of teachers at the University of Calgary.  Clearing customs, I was directed to Immigration where a growing line of anxious or impatient arrivals — mostly dark-skinned, mostly young, I the glaring […]