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  • President of El Salvador Nayib Bukele, who accompanied his declaration that cryptocurrency would be recognised as legal tender in June by changing his Twitter profile pic to this version of himself with glowing laser eyes.

    Cryptocurrencies: a view from the left

    As cryptocurrencies take the world of finance by storm, Thomas Redshaw examines their rise and what the left should make of them.

  • Migration as Revolt against Capital

    The fact that a large number of refugees, especially from countries which have been subjected of late to the ravages of imperialist aggression and wars, are desperately trying to enter Europe is seen almost exclusively in humanitarian terms.  While this perception no doubt has validity, there is another aspect of the issue which has escaped […]

  • Trade Union Leader Bala Tampoe on the Sri Lankan War

    Al Jazeera reports today that “the Sri Lankan government has given them [Tamil Tigers] till noon on Tuesday to surrender or face further military action. . . .  It’s not known how many civilians are trapped inside the Tamil Tigers’ last stronghold.  The government here in Colombo put it at around 60,000.  The United Nations […]