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Geography Archives: China

From 5 percent annual emissions growth to 2013, to a dead stop thereafter, is nothing short of remarkable.

What about China?

China surged past the United States to become the #1 carbon emitter in 2006. Currently (2019 data from BP’s Statistical Review of World Energy), its CO2 emissions from fossil-fuel burning are over 9,800 million metric tons (“tonnes”) a year.

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American, Chinese scientists identify new chemical pathway of air pollution in China

China and climate change: an exchange

In the Notes from the Editors to the March 2021 issue of Monthly Review, the MR editors questioned some of the arguments in Richard Smith’s book, China’s Engine of Environmental Collapse, as well as replied to Simon Pirani’s related criticisms (writing under his pseudonym of Gabriel Levy) of MR editor John Bellamy Foster on China […]

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Raising of the NATO flag DRAWSKO POMORSKIE TRAINING AREA, Poland--The NATO flag is raised during the opening ceremony for Exercise Steadfast Jazz here Nov. 3. Exercise Steadfast Jazz 2013 is taking place from 1-9 November in a number of Alliance nations including the Baltic States and Poland. The purpose of the exercise is to train and test the NATO Response Force, a highly ready and technologically advanced multinational force made up of land, air, maritime and special forces components that the Alliance can deploy quickly wherever needed. The Steadfast series of exercises are part of NATO’s efforts to maintain connected and interoperable forces at a high-level of readiness. (NATO photo by British army Sgt. Ian Houlding)

Terminate NATO

The fact is that NATO should never have been established in the first place. Moreover, the biggest mistake in U.S. history was to convert the federal government to a national-security state.

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Jack Ma

Jack Ma is not the problem

Broadly speaking, beneath these diverse incidents lies a single force. A great teacher and his generation warned of and suppressed it, but it has sprouted once more since the 1980s. After 40 years, it has taken root in multiple facets of our lives, including thought, society, reality and power.

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