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Countries in the continent of Europe

Ken Loach

Stand in solidarity with Ken Loach

Ken Loach is one of Britain’s most revered and successful left filmmakers and he is currently being smeared by propagandists. If those who share Loach’s values fail to mobilize and stand in solidarity, then all of us should be fearful of potential similar persecution.

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Ken Loach

In defense of Ken Loach

Ken Loach, thankfully no smear campaign against him can succeed. Not only because Ken’s work and life are proof of the accusation’s absurdity, but also because of the courageous Israelis who take awful risks by defending the right of Jews and non-Jews alike to criticise Israel.

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The Franciscan Invention of the New World with Julia McClure

Money on the Left is joined by Julia McClure, lecturer in Late Medieval & Early Modern Global History at the University of Glasgow. McClure’s 2017 book, The Franciscan Invention of the World, draws compelling and confounding conclusions about the role of the late Medieval Franciscans in shaping the modern capitalist and colonialist world. We talk with McClure […]

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Oligarchy in Russia–Alexei Navalny’s telling mistake

On the subject of oligarchy and the treasure storehouses which oligarchs build for themselves, Alexei Navalny reveals that he’s following a U.S. and NATO script: this takes no account of how President Vladimir Putin rules Russia, or the choice most Russians believe is the preferred alternative to Putin–that’s rule by a combination of officers and […]

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Berlin Bulletin by Victor Grossman

Echoes and elections

The U.S.-American night-mare, tight-lipped and pouting, was finally forced to gallop off to its luxurious stable in Florida. Almost every European joined in “Hurrah!” cheers as it watched him go!

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Epic World History - blogger Epic World History: Peasants' War

Engels on the Peasant War in Germany

At a time when peasant masses in the country are engaged in a valiant struggle for the repeal of the Central government’s three infamous laws, and have laid peaceful siege to Delhi, braving rains and bitter cold, it is worth recalling Friedrich Engels’ study of the peasant war in Germany in 1525, that also celebrated […]

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