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Kino Pravda 3G

  The detritus of mobile phone footage of protests, from Tehran to Toronto, over the last year . . . assembled without grand narratives of the mainstream media. Public Studio is a transient Toronto artist collective. | Print  

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Wallets Full of Blood

  Houses on the Moon Zombie Banker Blues Roscommon Death Trip Eamonn Crudden is an Irish filmmaker.  See, also, “A Curse on the Zombie Establishment: An Interview with Filmmaker Eamonn Crudden” (MediaBite, 23 September 2010). | Print  

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Hot Pants and Niqabs: NiqaBitch Stroll through Paris

  We both are in our early twenties, and while one of us is Muslim, we didn’t feel directly affected by the passing of the anti-burqa (although anti-niqab is the more appropriate word) law. Still, we both wanted to express ourselves regarding this subject.  We’ve always found the law a little fuzzy, and while it’s […]

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I Protest (Remembrance)

  Listen to MC Kash’s song “I Protest (Remembrance)”: They say when you run from darkness All you seek is light But when the blood spills over You’ll stand and fight Threads of deceit Woven around a word of plebiscite By treacherous puppet politicians Who have no soul inside My paradise is burning With troops […]

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Early Modern Venetian-Ottoman Relations and the Mediterranean World

  Eric R. Dursteler.  Venetians in Constantinople: Nation, Identity, and Coexistence in the Early Modern Mediterranean.  The Johns Hopkins University Studies in Historical and Political Science Series.  Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2006.  Maps, illustrations.  312 pp.  $50.00 (cloth), ISBN 978-0-8018-8324-8. Eric R. Dursteler’s work, which examines Venetian-Ottoman coexistence in the late sixteenth and early […]

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CRED: A New Model of Climate and Development

  The climate policy debate has largely shifted from science to economics.  There is a well-developed consensus, at least in broad outlines, about the physical science of climate change and its likely implications.  That consensus is embodied in massive general circulation models (GCMs) that provide detailed projections of average temperatures, precipitation, weather patterns, and sea-level […]

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Michał Kalecki

Political Aspects of Full Employment

This essay was first published in Political Quarterly in 1943; it is reproduced here for non-profit educational purposes. A shorter version of this essay was published in The Last Phase in the Transformation of Capitalism (Monthly Review Press, 1972). I 1. A solid majority of economists is now of the opinion that, even in a […]

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  What you need to earn every month to buy a house, in euros: 10634 What you actually earn every month, in euros: 1063 How many years it will take to pay off the mortgage: 106 How many times a month you will be able to go out to dinner . . . To see […]

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Is Humanity Too Stupid to Deal with Climate Change?

  On 29 March, the Guardian‘s Leo Hickman had an article published covering a recent interview he’d had with noted British Earth scientist James Lovelock.  Entitled “James Lovelock:  Humans Are Too Stupid to Prevent Climate Change,” the article quotes the 90-year old Lovelock as making the following assertion: “I don’t think we’re yet evolved to […]

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