• | Narrative of Sham Elections | MR Online

    The narrative of sham elections

    Every mainstream media outlet described the referenda in September in the Donetsk, Lugansk People’s Republics (LPR and DPR), Kherson Region and part of Zaporozhye as a “sham” and therefore “rigged.”

  • | Kharkov and Mobilization | MR Online

    Kharkov and Mobilization

    The recapture of the Kharkov region at the beginning of September appears to be a success for Ukrainian forces. Our media exulted and relayed Ukrainian propaganda to give us a picture that is not entirely accurate. A closer look at the operations might have prompted Ukraine to be more cautious.

  • | Ukraine | MR Online

    Our latest interview with Jacques Baud

    Jacques Baud (JB): The aim of this book is to show how the misinformation propagated by our media has contributed to push Ukraine in the wrong direction. I wrote it under the motto “from the way we understand crises derives the way we solve them.”

  • | WarPeace | MR Online

    “The goal is not to help Ukraine, but to fight Putin”

    This interview comes to us through the kind courtesy of the Swiss journal, Zeitgeschehen im Fokus. In it, Jacques Baud brings us up-to-date on the Ukraine situation, while providing us with great insights, in his usual, inimitable way. He is in conversation with Thomas Kaiser.

  • | Capitulation by Petr Krivonogov | MR Online

    The military situation in the Ukraine

    The problem is not so much to know who is right in this conflict, but to question the way our leaders make their decisions.