• | Common Sense Solutions for Collapse | MR Online

    Common sense solutions for collapse

    Humanity faces a crisis of unprecedented proportions–a double-edged sword threatening both our planet and its people.

  • | Marxian economics for the 21st century | MR Online

    Capitalism must be stopped, not reformed

    The time needed for understanding is delaying the radical decisions that are needed immediately. This premise is fundamental. If we wait for people to understand fully, we do not save ourselves. We do not save the planet.

  • | One two many Green New Deals an ecosocialist roundtable | MR Online | MR Online

    The double objective of Democratic ecosocialism

    The title of this week’s episode is taken from an article to be published in September’s Monthly Review. The author, Jason Hickel, talks to Steve about the topic in his third visit to the podcast.