• | Protest by students in Thailand | MR Online

    Ten contradictions that plague Biden’s ‘Democracy Summit’

    Biden hopes to secure his place at the head of the “Free World” table by coming out as a champion for human rights and democratic practices worldwide.

  • | Reduce Pentagon Carbon Emissions | MR Online

    Reduce Pentagon carbon emissions

    The dog days of summer are upon us—and the record high temperatures killing hundreds in the Pacific Northwest and bringing 118 degree heat to Siberia serve as a harbinger of even hotter, more dangerous days unless we address the elephant in the room.

  • | Venezuelan doctors conducting a COVID19 house visit Photo courtesy of OrlenysOV | MR Online

    Venezuela’s Coronavirus response might surprise you

    Within a few hours of being launched, over 800 Venezuelans in the U.S. registered for an emergency flight from Miami to Caracas through a website run by the Venezuelan government. This flight, offered at no cost, was proposed by President Nicolás Maduro when he learned that 200 Venezuelans were stuck in the United States following his government’s decision to stop commercial flights as a preventative coronavirus measure.