• | A Meat Stall with the Holy Family Giving Alms Pieter Aertsen 1551 | MR Online

    Food, capitalism and the necessity of a socialist program

    Capitalist food production is based on ecological destruction, imperialism, inhumane labor practices, and the degradation of human health. A socialist program that guarantees healthy food for all is the only alternative.

  • | Pieter Bruegel the Elder Estate | MR Online

    Beyond work? The shortcomings of post-work politics

    Mikael Lyngaas argues that post-work theorists ranging from Bob Black to Srnicek and Williams are utopian socialism for the current era.

  • Marx’s Ecology: Materialism and Nature

    The Cosmonaut team inaugurates the ecology series by discussing John Bellamy Foster’s seminal book Marx’s Ecology on its twentieth anniversary.

  • | Garden City of Tomorrow Howard Ebenezer 1902 | MR Online

    Speech on ‘Environmental Protections’ by Karl Liebknecht

    This speech was delivered in 1912 to the Prussian House of Deputies in response to a proposal by the Free People’s Party. Environmental destruction was not as far-reaching then as it is now, yet Liebknecht was keenly aware of the disappearance of butterflies and insects, of the small changes that bode ill.

  • | Michael Harrington still a specter in the reformist left | MR Online

    Michael Harrington and his afterlives

    Doug Enaa Greene gives an overview and critique of the political journey of Michael Harrington, founder of the Democratic Socialist of America, and his influence on reformist socialism to this day.