• | A T 72 tank of the Russian Armed Forces is pictured in Donetsk | MR Online

    Who’s afraid of U.S. troops in Ukraine?

    Very innocuously, the Biden Administration has ‘sensitised’ the world opinion that American troops are indeed present on Ukrainian soil in Russia’s immediate neighbourhood. Washington made a “soft landing” with an unnamed senior Pentagon official making the disclosure to the Associated Press and the Washington Post. 

  • | Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Oct 18 2022 that evidence of military personnel of United States and other Western countries having their boots on the ground in Ukraine is mounting | MR Online

    Ukraine war is ‘Biden’s war’ now

    The most obvious explanation to the mysterious air dash of the UK Defence Minister Ben Wallace to Washington on Tuesday could be that he was canvassing for the support of the Biden Administration for his pitch to succeed Liz Truss as Britain’s next prime minister.

  • | A perfect storm in US foreign policy | MR Online

    A perfect storm in U.S. foreign policy

    The old adage is that a good foreign policy is the reflection of the national policy.

  • | The troika leading the far right coalition that won Italys election Giorgia Meloni R Silvio Berlusconi C and Matteo Salvini L | MR Online

    Fascism returns to Europe’s centerstage

    Meloni insists that she isn’t a fascist herself, yet her party’s flag includes the symbol of the old pro-Fascist party— the tricolor flame.

  • | Prime Minister Narendra Modi L met with Russian President Vladimir Putin at Samarkand Uzbekistan September 16 2022 | MR Online

    India’s gaffe at Samarkand

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at Samarkand on September 16 after the SCO Summit turned into a media scandal.

  • | Russian regrouping in Kharkov will speed up Battle of Donbass | MR Online

    Russian regrouping in Kharkov will speed up Battle of Donbass

    The New York Times has disclosed that the U.S. shared vital intelligence with the Ukrainian military and took part in the preparation of the latter’s current “counteroffensive” near Kharkov.

  • | On a Kandahar outpost a motivational poster on blast walls ringed with concertina wire walling US troops off from Afghanistan File photo | MR Online

    Doing business with Taliban Govt

    In no time after the retreat from Afghanistan, NATO is already immersed in another proxy war in Europe, and the alliance, at U.S. behest, is lurching toward the Arctic to counter Russia and China’s “big plans for the polar region.”

  • | A HIMARS vehicle on deployment in Eastern Ukraine File photo | MR Online

    Ground beneath Zelensky’s feet is shifting

    Reading and rereading the U.S. President Joe Biden’s statement last Monday on Ukraine Independence Day, one is reminded of English poet John Keats’ immortal line, ‘Heard melodies are sweet but those unheard are sweeter.’ Three things are striking. 

  • | An UAV hit the roof of the headquarters of Russias Black Sea Fleet Sevastopol Crimea August 20 2022 | MR Online

    U.S. taunts Russia to escalate in Ukraine

    In military terms, the crude, locally assembled drone dropping a country-made bomb or two on unguarded sites in Crimea are at best pin pricks in the big picture of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine. But it can be profoundly consequential in certain other ways.

  • | Gazproms Nord Stream gas pipeline Lubmin Germany | MR Online

    Russia teaches Europe ABC of gas trade

    The unthinkable is happening for the second time in five months: Russian gas giant Gazprom writes to German gas companies announcing force majeure effective from June 14, exonerating it from any compensation for shortfalls since then. 

  • | Normandy Format Summit Held in Paris | Photo picture alliance | MR Online

    Ukraine peace talks in the cards?

    Finance ministers are the pangolins in the world of international diplomacy, solitary animals and predatory, unlike foreign ministers who are like glowworms, mesmerising and gorgeous animals that create light through their tail.

  • | Sakhalin Oblast Russia | MR Online

    India to boost Sakhalin-1 oil output

    After Sakhalin-2, Moscow also plans to nationalise Sakhalin-1 oil and gas development project by ousting U.S. and Japanese shareholders. But Moscow will make an exception for India so that OVL which holds 20% stake will remain & continue to work.

  • | Russian President Vladimir Putin L at a meeting with Defence Minister Sergey Shoigu revealed proposals of army commanders in Ukraine for the development of offensive operations Moscow July 4 2022 | MR Online

    EU economies are down on their knees

    On July 1 at the White House, U.S. President Joe Biden made a startling disclosure that “the idea we’re going to be able to click a switch, bring down the cost of gasoline, is not likely in the near term.”

  • | L R Romanian President Iohannis Italian PM Draghi Ukrainian President Zelensky French President Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz held a press conference in Kyiv Ukraine on 16 June 2022 | MR Online

    West at inflection point in Ukraine war

    Henry Kissinger predicted some three weeks ago that the Ukraine war was dangerously close to becoming a war against Russia. That was a prescient remark. The NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg in a weekend interview told Germany’s Bild am Sonntag newspaper that in the alliance’s estimation, the Ukraine war could wage for years. 

  • | Military equipment given by Japan to Ukraine being loaded in an aircraft at Yokota US Air Force Base Japan File photo | MR Online

    Creating cold war conditions in Asia isn’t easy

    Only three weeks remain for the summit meeting of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) in Madrid, which is expected to unveil a new Strategic Concept aimed at redefining “the security challenges facing the Alliance and outline the political and military tasks that NATO will carry out to address them.”

  • | Russian Tu 95 strategic bomber | MR Online

    Indo-Pacific power dynamic in radical shift

    The joint air patrol over the waters of the Sea of Japan and the East China Sea on Monday by an air task force composed of Russian Tu-95MS capable of carrying nuclear weapons and Chinese H-6K strategic bombers couldn’t have been a knee-jerk reaction to U.S. President Joe Biden’s Asia tour, leave alone his provocative remarks conjuring up an apocalyptic U.S.-China war over Taiwan. 

  • | Ukraine after 90 days of war | MR Online

    Ukraine after 90 days of war

    Amidst intense fighting under way, Russian forces entered Severodonetsk city in Luhansk, Donbass region, May 24, 2022

  • | Azov fighter posing in front of Nazi posters Mariupol Ukraine | MR Online

    In the wake of Russian victory in Mariupol

    Thank God, Russia eschews any triumphalism over the surrender of the so-called neo-Nazi Azov regiment in the Azovstal factory complex in Mariupol. The Defence Ministry in Moscow announced on Friday that a total of 2,439 “Azov Nazis” and Ukrainian servicemen had laid down their arms since May 16, and that the entire Azovstal complex is now under control of Russian forces. 

  • | Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi R with visiting UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson New Delhi April 22 2022 | MR Online

    U.S. narrative won’t survive defeat in Donbass

    An extraordinary thing about British diplomacy is that it continually looks for ways to stay ahead of the curve and provide added value to its customer across the Atlantic, the United States. That makes the remarks on Ukraine conflict by the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson at his press conference in New Delhi on Friday highly significant.

  • | Albatross famous migratory bird is also a love bird It is known for being monogamous forming long term bond with one partner that is rarely broken Mated pairs never split up until one bird dies | MR Online

    Migratory birds of mass destruction

    Highly sensitive materials from the Ukrainian biological laboratories were exported to the U.S. in early February just before the Russian special operation began, and the rest were ordered to be destroyed lest they fell into Russian hands. But the cover-up was only partially successful. Indeed, Russia is in possession of highly incriminating evidence.