• | Richard Wright | MR Online

    Notes from the underground

    Scott McLemee reviews The Man Who Lived Underground: A Novel by Richard Wright.

  • | The Young Karl Marx film screening 290 Danforth Ave Toronto ON M4K 1N6 Canada Toronto 11 January | MR Online

    Review of ‘The Young Marx’

    Scott McLemee reviews The Young Karl Marx, which, on the eve of 200th anniversary of Marx’s birth, contains themes of economic crises and inequalities that remain relevant today.

  • | Boycott Koch Industries | MR Online

    Stealth attack on leftish scholar?

    “The ‘culture war’ against higher education has been an astroturfed conflict, a well-funded propaganda campaign bankrolled for decades…. Conservative’ figures from the business world (there is nothing conservative about unfettered capitalism that commodifies everything and makes ‘the market’ the arbiter of all moral questions) have funded a decades-long attempt to delegitimize higher education in the eyes of American citizens.”