• | Mesopotamian Women and Their Social Roles | MR Online

    Women’s work in the first civilisations

    The work performed by women, particularly work in the household and in the health sector, has received much attention in feminist and left-wing debate in recent years.

  • | Cedric J Robinson | MR Online

    Cedric Robinson, racial capitalism and the return of black radicalism

    The terms “black radicalism” and “racial capitalism” have become buzzwords in the revitalised international discussion about race that has arisen in parallel with the Black Lives Matter movement since 2013.

  • | Donny Gluckstein and Terry Sullivan Hegel and Revolution Bookmarks 2020 £7 | MR Online

    A dialectical delight

    A review of Donny Gluckstein and Terry Sullivan, Hegel and Revolution (Bookmarks, 2020), £7.

  • | Red Round Globe Hot Burning | MR Online

    Our globe is burning!

    Peter Linebaugh’s book comes with a long subtitle, a pithy summary of its contents: A Tale at the Crossroads of Commons and Closure, of Love and Terror, of Race and Class, of Kate and Ned Despard. His timeframe is the period between 1789 and 1804 when, in his view, a series of connected events took place in England, Ireland, France, the Caribbean and North America that formed an Atlantic crucible forging the capitalist world we have lived in since.

  • | Ken Olende Race class and identity | MR Online

    Marxism and eurocentrism

    Race, class and identity A conference hosted by International Socialism Journal 18th May 2019 central London Marxism and Eurocentrism.

  • | Jason W Moore at BInghamton University in July 2017 | MR Online

    Illusions of world-ecology

    Every airport bookstore features books with titles like 10 Ways to Retire Rich, 150 Places You Must Visit Before You Die, or 8 Easy Steps to a Flatter Tummy, with the numbers in very large type on their covers. They are the publishing ­equivalent of junk food, quickie books written to match titles that were invented by the marketing department to generate impulse purchases. The authors and publisher of A History of the World in Seven Cheap Things must have had such books in mind when they chose its title and designed its cover.