• | The exterior of an Amazon fulfillment center in Tracy California Justin Sullivan Getty Images | MR Online

    Resisting Amazon is not futile

    Amazon represents the pinnacle challenge to union organizers and socialists throughout the country. Are we in a 1919 moment, still a generation of failures away from breakthrough success? Or closer to 1935, approaching the tipping point of winning real worker power?

  • | Supporters of the Fridays for Future climate change movement participate in a demonstration during a five day Fridays for Future congress on August 2 2019 in Dortmund Germany Juergen Schwarz Getty Images | MR Online

    German unions are waking up to the climate disaster

    The call to stop the production of coal and cars often sounds like a threat to jobs. But German trade unions have realized that the green transition needs to happen—and they’re fighting to make sure it’s bosses, not workers, who pay for climate justice.

  • | Mural by Diego Rivera showing the history of Mexico with detail showing Karl Marx Mexico City Palacio Nacional Wolfgang Sauber Wikimedia | MR Online

    A new Marxian century

    It’s not just that Marx’s ideas remain relevant — we’re also in the midst of a great new age of Marxian thought.