• | Marx | MR Online

    How Marxists brought science to politics and politics to science

    From Marx and Engels to the present day, socialists have been deeply engaged with the world of science. With the provision of lifesaving vaccines held hostage by corporate profiteering, the story of this relationship is more important than ever.

  • | The exterior of an Amazon fulfillment center in Tracy California Justin Sullivan Getty Images | MR Online

    Resisting Amazon is not futile

    Amazon represents the pinnacle challenge to union organizers and socialists throughout the country. Are we in a 1919 moment, still a generation of failures away from breakthrough success? Or closer to 1935, approaching the tipping point of winning real worker power?

  • | Supporters of the Fridays for Future climate change movement participate in a demonstration during a five day Fridays for Future congress on August 2 2019 in Dortmund Germany Juergen Schwarz Getty Images | MR Online

    German unions are waking up to the climate disaster

    The call to stop the production of coal and cars often sounds like a threat to jobs. But German trade unions have realized that the green transition needs to happen—and they’re fighting to make sure it’s bosses, not workers, who pay for climate justice.

  • | Mural by Diego Rivera showing the history of Mexico with detail showing Karl Marx Mexico City Palacio Nacional Wolfgang Sauber Wikimedia | MR Online

    A new Marxian century

    It’s not just that Marx’s ideas remain relevant — we’re also in the midst of a great new age of Marxian thought.