• | Leo Panitch | MR Online

    Remembering Leo Panitch

    I first met Leo personally in 1984. Articling with a progressive law firm in Toronto, I found that Leo was my contact for arranging the visit of Ralph Miliband as guest speaker at the annual Law Union conference. Miliband’s presentation was well received, and following the meeting Leo suggested the three of us should repair to the pub to which other conference participants had adjourned. – Richard Fidler

  • | Claudio Katz | MR Online

    Imperialism today: a critical assessment of Latin American dependency theory

    The main theorist of dependency anticipated trends of neoliberal globalization. He analyzed productive globalization, the centrality of exploitation and the relative weight of surplus value transfers. But the employment crisis exceeds what was envisaged by Marini, in a scenario disrupted by the mutation of the United States, the collapse of the USSR and the rise of China.

  • | Québécois demonstration for independence | MR Online

    Quebec independence a key to building the left in Canada

    The Canadian state is historically based on the theft and occupation of indigenous lands and the genocide of their peoples. The state that resulted is thoroughly integrated within global imperialism.