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  • What is exploitation?

    What is exploitation?

    The word “exploitation” is special for Marxists because it contains a unique insight about the way wealth is produced in class societies.

  • Sculpture of Enrique de Malacca

    Magellan, inquisition and globalisation

    The Philippines today struggles with this history. Some Filipinos highlight the warm native reception extended to Magellan’s fleet and the first Catholic mass, reminiscent of American Thanksgiving mythology.

  • Working at Facebook

    Who’s working for Facebook?

    There are plenty of reasons to be interested in—and, even more, concerned about—Facebook. Many of them are raised in the recent review of Facebook-related books by John Lanchester [ht: db]: the fragmentation of the polity (via the targeting of posts), the dissemination of “fake news” (which played an important role in the 2016 U.S. presidential election), the undermining of other livelihoods (such as journalism and music), the level of surveillance of users (much more than any national government), the violation of anti-monopoly rules (via individualized pricing), and so on.