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  • No Migration Without Economic Exploitation June 28, 2018

    No migration without economic exploitation

    Why are thousands of Central Americans fleeing violence and economic devastation and flocking to the United States? Because of the American dream? Because the streets are paved in gold?

  • Venezuelan and American flag

    A review of U.S. media coverage on Venezuela

    The major international media aren’t interested in fulfilling the promise of social justice and participatory democracy: they want a U.S. intervention, supporting the right-wing of the opposition, despite its violently anti-democratic record.

  • Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez

    Venezuela responds to Pence

    Responding to the United States vice president’s recent statements that “democracy is undermined” in Venezuela, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez strongly rejected Pence’s claims.

    The Bolivarian leaders denounced the plan to destabilize Venezuela as “imperialist,” saying that the “extremism” and “militarism” of the U.S is a “serious threat to humanity.”