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  • Who’s middle class?

    Who’s middle class?

    Of all classes, the middle class is the one with the most people clamouring to be part of it. Many members of the ruling class prefer the label “middle” to one that makes capitalist dominance so overt. Many workers think that having a middle-income job by default puts them in the middle class. And people who want to downplay the working class’s revolutionary potential prefer to say,

  • Modern Working Class

    Australia’s modern working class

    More than 160 years ago, Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, in the “Communist Manifesto,” described workers as those “who live only so long as they find work, and who find work only so long as their labour increases capital”.

  • Source: Fightback

    Amazon Labor Union and the awakening of the American working class

    The United States is the most powerful capitalist nation in the world. Socialism cannot ultimately achieve victory without the success of the American working class. The struggles we are seeing now are just the beginning of the awakening of this colossus that will change the course of history.

  • Supporters of the BLF green bans march in Sydney in the early 1970s

    Why the climate movement needs the working class

    The scale of the climate crisis has driven a new generation of radical young activists to demand “system change, not climate change”.