Perth, Australia, 18 March 2006

The demo in Perth on 18 March 2006 was attended by about a thousand people, down substantially from the size of demos before the beginnng of the Iraq War. The majority of people out in downtown Perth on Saturday were shopping. They weren’t hostile — rather, openly indifferent or mildly curious about the people who chose to attend the rally.

Giz (Green Party) Speaks As Detainees Wait Their Fate

A Muslim Student
A Muslim Student Speaks
War Doesn't Work
War Doesn’t Work

Seriously Liberated
Seriously Liberated

Mike Ballard Mike Ballard was born in Binghamton, New York in 1945. He was raised in eight of the United States of America and two foreign countries: Panama and Japan. He served honourably in the United States Marine Corps in1963-1967 and then took part in anti-war activities in Haight-Asbury and Michigan State University. He now lives permanently in Australia with his wife Jennifer. Mike and Jennifer study free-style martial arts together. Both are engaged in the creation of literature.