Join Us with Simultaneous Protests against Boycott of Elected Palestinian Authority

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On Saturday, June 3 at 7 PM, a coalition of Israeli peace groups and movements will hold a protest march and rally in Tel-Aviv.

We will protest against the boycott of the Palestinian elected authority, against the siege and starvation of the Palestinian people, for negotiations without preconditions — to sum it up, against the occupation.

Former Minister Shulamit Aloni will be among the speakers, and simultaneously a demonstration will be held in Ramallah, where Palestinian political movements will express solidarity with the Tel-Aviv demonstration.

This action precedes our demo at the entrance to Nablus that will be held on June 10, where we will come with a food and medicines convoy for the Palestinians, in which people worldwide participate with their donations.

But you could do more:

Does your government also boycott the elected Palestinian Authority?

Then, why not, in the week of June 3-10, simultaneously organize a protest calling upon your government to respect the result of the Palestinian elections and not to put sanctions on the new Palestinian Authority.

Please inform us of what you are doing, and we will include it in further reporting.

Israeli Organizing Groups:

Hadash (Peace and Equality Front – Communist Party of Israel), Coalition of Women for Peace, Gush Shalom, Ta’ayush, Balad, ICAHD, AIC, Coalition of Students, Artists Without Walls, Bat Shalom, Banki (Young Communist League), Yesh Gvul