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  • Escape

    Troosteloosheid van het bestaan tussen slaap en wakker zijn Reflectie in reflectie biochemie van errectie Twee bij een: afmeting van een bed Twee bij een: afmeting van een cel Nacht in je armen, muur om me heen Opgaande gebaren, kou in m’n been Ingang voor Exit op rij voor Escape Verneuke leegtes gezweet op een […]

  • LETTER TO KOFI ANNAN: Steps Taken against Iran That Are Not Taken against Israel Lack Credibility

    May 18, 2006 To: The Honorable Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations Re: The Iranian threat to withdraw from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Your Excellency, Iran’s nuclear projects acquire an alarming significance with Iran’s recent threat to withdraw its acceptance of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). The Middle-East is a volatile region. […]

  • Good Neighbor Senator Sessions Walls Out Mexico . . . and Robert Frost

    “The Senate fence measure was embodied in an amendment offered by Senator Jeff Sessions, Republican of Alabama, who borrowed from the poet Robert Frost.  ‘Good fences make good neighbors,’ he said.  ‘Fences don’t make bad neighbors.’” —  New York Times, 17 May 2006 What Senator Sessions knows is of no interest to me.  It must […]

  • The Sewing Factory in Gaza, the Administration in Tel-Aviv, and the Owners in New York: Israeli Industrialists’ Strategy in the Global Supply Chain

    The aim of this paper is to try to understand the Israeli industrialists’ strategy in the globalization process in the course of the recent years.  The new strategy was implemented in the days of the first Intifada (the Palestinian uprising) in the late 80s.  At that time voices were heard in the Association of Israeli […]

  • Quiet Gestures, Heroic Acts: A Conversation with Robert Ellsberg

    Robert Ellsberg is a well-known activist and author of numerous books, but most importantly, a tireless advocate for social justice and a witness to the lives of others whose integrity and purpose provide useful models.  His most recent book is Blessed Among All Women: Women Saints, Prophets and Witnesses for Our Times.  One of my […]

  • Amnesty Now!

    When a gun-touting cowboy, who calls for 6,000 National Guard troops to be stationed along the US-Mexico border, is presented as having taken the “middle ground” in the immigration debate, you know how far to the right mainstream politics are in the US.  Bush’s address on May 15 calls not only for strict border control […]

  • The Nakba: Then and Now

    On the 58th anniversary of the Nakba, or the “Catastrophe,” prominent Palestinians share their thoughts on the day when more than 700,000 of their brethren became refugees.  The Institute for Middle East Understanding asked the panel, ranging from business leaders to comedians, what comes to mind on the 58th anniversary of the Nakba and why […]

  • Haunted House

    Maryla Husyt Finkelstein, the author’s mother, after the war in Austria.  She was in a Displaced People camp. Every night as we watched the news on television my mother would avert her eyes and raise her hand to block the screen when scenes from Vietnam flashed across it.  After a few moments the question would […]

  • The Man from the Middle Ages

    Some people knew exactly what to think about the letter Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sent to U.S. President George W. Bush.  Since they had already pegged Ahmadinejad as a Holocaust-denying, Israel-threatening, nuke-hungry lunatic, it was no stretch to see the letter as exactly the sort of thing a Holocaust-denying, Israel-threatening, nuke-hungry lunatic would write, even […]

  • Hating Barry Bonds

    Hating Barry Bonds has become a national passion — or so the very sportswriters who have whipped up this hate tell us.  What they don’t tell us is that this passion is prevalent almost exclusively among a few white men. Not that others, including myself, don’t think that Barry probably used steroids.  Though not proven, […]

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  • Riding the Range

    It might look strange, Harker paying bus fare clear down to Laramie for two guys to take possession of the same model pickup he could’ve bought from Jim Sturgess’s dealership, right there at home.  What happened was Harker found out he could shave a considerable slice off the price if he dealt with a certain […]

  • Immigration and Class

    Migration between countries occurs if and when it “resolves” social and especially class contradictions inside both of them.  One set of contradictions pushes people out of a country just as another set of contradictions in other countries pulls them in.  Finally, while migration “resolves” some social contradictions, it likewise engenders or aggravates others. These days, […]

  • You And I, We’ve Been through That: Dylan and Haggard Take the Stage

    Warnings, war, and apocalypse.  Two riders approached.  The wind began to howl.  Electric guitars — and voices — sliced the night, like double-edged swords. Yep.  Bob Dylan and Merle Haggard pulled into town Saturday night.  The guy playing sax in the street out in front of the civic center put it this way: These guys […]

  • Hope under Siege

    You and your friends are invited to attend the San Francisco debut of HOPE UNDER SIEGE, a collaborative photo exhibition depicting the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land and people.

  • The End of Genocide

    In an age dominated by brute force and overwhelming military power — in other words, any age at all — it is hard to remember that the simplest addition to our vocabulary can change the world.  This was what Raphael Lemkin accomplished in 1944, when in a study on the Nazi occupation of Europe he […]

  • Before Muhammad Ali Became “Muhammad Ali™”

    The man who shocked the nation by changing his name has sold that name for cash.  Last month, Muhammad Ali™ was paid $50 million by CKX, an entertainment and licensing firm, in return for an 80 percent interest in his name and likeness. So, before Muhammad Ali™ becomes a corporate logo, let’s pause to recall […]

  • Union Mines, Safer Mines

    A union presence at the Sago mine might well have prevented the disaster. Training at a union mine is strictly enforced.  Workers, in rotation, walk the three alternate escape routes monthly and train on priorities in case of an emergency.  Barricading as was done at Sago is the fourth and final resort. There were no […]

  • “Nuestro Himno”: Overcoming an Anthem to the Empire

    A Review of “Nuestro Himno,” in Somos Americanos, Urban Box Office ( $10 ($1 goes to support the immigrant rights movement).  Release date May 16, 2006 A Spanish-language version of the US national anthem was distributed to radio stations Friday, April 29th, in time to be played over the air to build the May 1st […]

  • Equality and Unity: Migrants and Natives

    The impact of the “Day Without Immigrants” boycott and marches across the U.S. on May Day is far-reaching.  Crucially, this mass action humanized undocumented migrants under economic and political attack. Significantly, their lives are moving from the margin to the center of the U.S. public mind.  Such social energy has a force of its own. […]