Vietnam Needs Your Help TODAYA Letter from Madame Binh!

Vietnam needs your help in the final stage of the process of normalization of relations between our two countries!  Legislation granting Vietnam permanent normal trade relations (PNTR) will be voted on very soon in the Congress.

PNTR is the normal state of trade relations between the US and the vast majority of the world’s countries.  Simply put, PNTR for Vietnam is a matter of basic fairness and equality between nations.  We who worked hard to bring about an end to the embargo and the normalization of relations need to bring our voices to bear now!

The opposition to PNTR is a relic of the Cold War and a continuation of our country’s war against Vietnam, which those of us who stand for peace and justice have opposed.  We believe, with Madame Nguyen Thi Binh, that achieving this final stage of normalization will enhance the full panoply of relations between the US and Vietnamese people.

Below is a letter from Madame Binh to U.S. friends — of Vietnam and of peace.  After reading it, we hope that you will call or email your representative in the Congress and urge them to vote YES on H.R. 5602.

Call your congress member by dialing the Congressional switchboard at (202) 225-3121 and email you Congress member by going to and clicking on the link to your representative.

You can also communicate your support of this legislation to the House Ways and Means Committee Chairs, William Thomas and Charles Rangel.

We’d appreciate a copy of your emails to be sent to us at

Please take a moment to do this today or tomorrow and thank you!

David Cline,  President, Veterans for Peace
Bill Fletcher, Jr., Labor and international activist
Hai Binh Nguyen, VietUnity
Ngo Thanh Nhan, Board Member, Institute for Vietnamese Culture & Education
Merle Ratner, Co-Coordinator, Vietnam Agent Orange Relief & Responsibility Campaign
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Hanoi, May 26th 2006

Dear American Sisters and Brothers of Vietnam,

I extend my warmest greetings to all of you and would like to ask you to work for approval of Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR) status for Vietnam by the US Congress this summer.

The granting of PNTR for Vietnam is one of the final steps in the process of full normalization of relations between our two countries for mutual benefit, as well as an act of fair treatment by the US toward countries enjoying normal relations with it.

Vietnam is currently in the process of accession to WTO with a profound awareness of opportunities and challenges to the country’s development to regain its independence as well as of your deep concern about the effects of globalization on the rights of working people and on the environment.  We are strongly committed to defending our national independence and the sovereignty of all nations while integrating into regional and global economy.

I believe that PNTR status will allow us to further our friendship and solidarity, and to continue advancing the rights and the dignity of all working people.

Once again, I hope that American brothers and sisters of Vietnam will help moving the US Congress to approve PNTR for Vietnam.

Thank you very much.

Yours in Solidarity,


Nguyen Thi Binh
President of Vietnam Peace and Development Foundation
Former Vice-President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

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Nguyen Thi Binh