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  • Despite Settlement with BHP Billiton, Miners Will Continue Campaigning for Chilean Copper [Pese a arreglo con BHP Billiton, seguirán campaña pro cobre chileno]

      Mineros de Escondida harán plebiscito para medir apoyo a renacionalización Los patos negros de la mina de cobre La Escondida, quienes recién acaban de superar una difícil huelga de 25 días, planean efectuar en Antofagasta un plebiscito ciudadano que mida el apoyo para iniciar el debate sobre la conveniencia de una renacionalización del cobre.  […]

  • Patrick Buchanan’s European Americans: Rethinking White Identity

    “If we do not get control of our borders, by 2050 Americans of European descent will be a minority in the nation their ancestors created and built,” writes Patrick Buchanan in his new book titled State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America.  For him, border control is the key to the […]

  • Appraising the Bamako Appeal: A Contribution to the Debate

    1. Introduction This commentary is offered as a contribution to the ongoing debate on the Bamako Appeal.  On the 18th of January, on the day preceding the start of the Polycentric World Social Forum in Bamako, Mali, a conference was held in the same capital, commemorating the holding of the Bandung Conference 50 years back.  […]

  • China Shapes/Shakes World’s Economies

    Over at least the last decade, employers in the West have been able to enlarge profits dramatically by taking simultaneous advantage of the following three opportunities: raising workers’ productivity (computerization, etc.), merging to reduce costs (vertical and horizontal), and keeping wages from rising much or at all (outsourcing jobs and importing ever-cheaper consumer imports from […]

  • Anti-Arab Racism, Islam, and the Left

    Racism against Arabs and Muslims long preceded the 9-11 terrorist attacks and has much of its roots in Western imperialism in the Middle East, especially Israel’s colonization of Palestine.  Yet, the escalation that we witness today can be traced to the war on terror launched after 9-11 by Bush and his neoconservative ideologues with the […]

  • Welcome to the Service Economy

    “We are moving into a service economy.”  How often have we heard this in the past twenty-plus years?  Most of us here in the Twin Cities have thought little about it until we received the jolt this year that, after eighty years in operation, the Highland Park Ford plant is going to be closed.  We […]

  • Repression in El Salvador: Interview with Daniel Morales, a Trade Union Leader

      Young people in El Salvador protested last July 5th against a wave of price increases of electricity, public transportation, and gas.  The protest ended in blood, and, as a consequence, 26 year-old trade union leader, Daniel Ernesto Morales Rivera, was beaten and thrown in jail.  The following is an interview of his experience. JA: […]