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Archive | January, 2007

Hank Jones, Ray Boudreaux, John Bowman, Harold Taylor, and Richard Brown

A Legacy of Torture: From Cointelpro to the Patriot Act

In today’s world, the US government’s use of torture and complicity in its clients’ use of it is part of the headlines on a regular basis.  Yet very few US citizens believe that methods like waterboarding, beating, and electrical shocks could be — and have been — used on US citizens.  Indeed, revelations concerning US […]

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Nadia Cherabi, Producer-Director: A Regard for the World and Human Beings [Nadia Cherabi. Productrice-réalisatrice: Un regard sur le monde et les êtres

Aussitôt achevées ses études de sociologie, elle s’est précipitée sur le cinéma.  Sans doute achevée pour y trouver des moyens vivants d’interroger notre société et de porter un regard sur les choses mais surtout les êtres, mettant en valeur ceux qui émergent en dépit des modèles formatés. Vous vous êtes signalée par un docu-fiction sur […]

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SEIU Members Push Their Union to Change Its Position on Immigration

Members of the Service Employees (SEIU) in Northern California are demanding just immigration reform.  That’s not too surprising.  For the past two decades, SEIU has been one of organized labor’s strongest advocates for immigrant rights. This campaign, however, pits SEIU members not against anti-immigrant employers or politicians, but against their union’s top officials.  Dubbing their […]

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Interview with Heinz Dieterich: “In Venezuela, Conditions for Building Socialism of the 21st Century Have Been Created” [Entrevista a Heinz Dieterich “En Venezuela se han creado condiciones para construir el Socialismo del Siglo XXI”]

P. Profesor Dieterich, ¿Usted inventó el concepto “Socialismo del Siglo XXI”? R. Sí. Lo elaboré a partir de 1996.  Fue publicado junto con la teoría correspondiente en forma de libro, a partir del 2000 en México, Ecuador, Argentina, Centroamérica, Brasil, Venezuela y, fuera de América Latina, en España, Alemania, la República Popular de China, Rusia […]

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The Freedom House Files

“Freedom House is an independent non-governmental organization that supports the expansion of freedom in the world.” — Freedom House Freedom House is a small but influential organization based in Washington and New York with more than 120 offices around the world and an annual budget of US$19 million.1  Calling itself “America’s oldest human rights group,” […]

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Jon Flanders

Execution of Saddam Hussein

Was it only two days ago that we read the exultant news stories and saw the frenzied TV news coverage of the execution of Saddam Hussein?  I know that I had to turn off CNN in revulsion as the evening progressed. President Bush took time off from his chainsaw assaults on the underbrush of his […]

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A Threnody for Harry

  GLADYS: Harry had a wonderful life! PERCY: And he had a wonderful death, too! GLADYS: We arrived in Burlington, Thursday evening, December 29th to be with Harry.  Taking care of Harry, in addition to his son Fred and daughter-in- law Amy, was his devoted home helper and amanuensis, Joan Ladoucer. I was with Harry, […]

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