DePaul Violates Finkelstein’s Contract and Further Undermines Academic Freedom at the University

Prof. Finkelstein – Professor Budde has informed me that you have asked for office space for your books. We do not have office space assigned to you for the coming academic year. I will look into whether we can make space available for you and either I or Professor Budde will get in touch with you next week with more information.

In the meantime, you will not have access to your old office space. To the extent that you left personal belongings in your old office space, we can discuss a plan for their return to you when I get in touch with you next week. You should not plan on moving into any office space tomorrow, as that option is not available to you.

I will contact you next week with more information.

Dr. Charles (Chuck) Suchar
Professor and Dean
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
DePaul University
Vincent dePaul Professor
Office of the Dean
990 W. Fullerton Ave. Office#4207
Chicago, IL. 60614-3298
Phones: (773) 325-7305
(773) 325-1858
fax: (773) 325-7304

CHICAGO, IL, Aug. 25, 2007 — Eminent Middle East scholar Dr. Norman G. Finkelstein of DePaul University has had his contract violated Friday by the university’s administration, which has cancelled Finkelstein’s classes for the upcoming 2007 fall quarter.  Finkelstein, after being denied tenure in June through a controversial decision, was given one year’s notice by DePaul President Dennis Holtschneider, and was expected to return to teach in the 2007-8 academic year for his contractually stipulated terminal year.

On Friday, however, both Professor Finkelstein and many disappointed students were informed by the administration that his classes have been cancelled, breaking Finkelstein’s contract and further undermining academic freedom at DePaul by refusing to let the prominent professor teach during his final year.  Both of Finkelstein’s scheduled classes were filled to maximum capacity, enrolling many DePaul students who eagerly intended to take Finkelstein’s courses in the fall.  With the overwhelming support of his students at the university, Finkelstein has stated, “I will return to my office.  I will teach my classes.”

Earlier this month, President Holtschneider received a letter from DePaul’s Academic Freedom Committee, on behalf of concerned students, explaining that if he refuses to let Finkelstein teach it would signify a complete abandonment of the student body on Holtschneider’s part.  Holtschneider has already received vast criticism from countless students at DePaul, as well as academics across the nation, for the controversial tenure denials of both Professor Finkelstein and Professor Mehrene Larudee. Holtschneider has also been receiving numerous letters from the American Association of University Professors asking him to allow an appeal process and a formal faculty review of both tenure cases.

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