Kosovo and International Law


Here are two documents on the Kosovo question in light of international law: an appeal of the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law and a diplomatic initiative of University of Belgrade law students. — Ed.


The Senate of the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law on its session from February 19th unanimously adopted the following statement:

  • Following our professional duty;
  • Being committed to the idea of law and justice, which is nearly for two centuries in the core of the Faculty of law as an institution and in its scholarly and professional activities;
  • Adhering to the fundamental principles of the international law established in the UN Charter and the Helsinki Act on Security and Co-operation in Europe, as well as to the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia,

The Senate of the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law is deeply distressed by the flagrant violation of legal rules, which are in the very grounds of the legal order of the organized international community, the principle of nondiscrimination and equal rights of all states.

Not only is the unilateral declaration of the independence of Kosovo contrary to the obligatory UN Security Council Resolution 1244 confirming the territorial integrity of Serbia along with setting the framework for the solution of the Kosovo question on the grounds of substantial autonomy, but it also represents an attack on the territorial integrity of the Republic of Serbia as well as on the fundamental principle of the rule of law in international relations.

We are urging all the international actors to return to accepting law, because it is the only possible way to preserve peace and stability, both in the region and in other parts of the world, as a condition for the realization of other objectives established by the UN Charter.

Diplomatska inicijativa studenata Pravnog fakulteta u Beogradu

As a member of the academic community and as a student of University of Belgrade School of Law I am deeply distressed by the Kosovo events.  As you know, the Parliament of the Serbian Province of Kosovo run by UN Mission has illegally and unilaterally proclaimed independence.  This decision was made against the international law and the endorsed UN Security Council Resolution 1244, which calls for a negotiated settlement on future Kosovo status and substantial autonomy of the Province of Kosovo within the Republic of Serbia.  If the international community gives its consent for this unlawful act, the internationally recognized borders of Serbia will be redrawn, the sovereignty of Serbia abolished and 15 per cent of its territory amputated.  After a decade of ethnic Albanian repression against non-Albanian minorities, Kosovo politicians prove that Kosovo is being established as an ethnic Albanian state, which will not serve all its citizens but only one ethnic group.

I am urging you to call for the international rule of law by not recognizing the phony state of Kosovo as independent, because it is the only way to retain peace and stability in the region as well as in other disputed territories of the world.

The Senate’s appeal was published at <www.ius.bg.ac.yu/eng/kosovo%20appeal.htm>.  The student initiative is available at <www.mojepravo.net/>.

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