Citizen Diplomacy Tour to Iran — October 2008


Dear Anti-War Activists,

Mina Doroud
Mina Doroud, Jamshidieh Park, Tehran.   Photo by Hamed Saber.

As you all know, the Bush administration is ratcheting up its rhetoric on Iran, and all of us are concerned and wondering how best to react and counter this growing threat.  As a resource to the anti-war movement, Global Exchange organizes “Citizen Diplomacy” delegations for US citizens to experience and observe Iran on their own, learn about Iranian history and culture, speak to a wide-range of Iranians, and return home to use their experience as an educational tool.

The deadline for the next Global Exchange delegation to Iran is July 21st, please forward this message to your contacts, especially anyone you feel would be interested in going.

Thank you for your help,

Sanaz Meshkinpour
Global Exchange
Middle East Program Coordinator

As the Bush Administration continues to beat the drums of war towards Iran, it has become even more important for Americans to educate themselves, and provide a counterbalance to the Bush administration’s demonization of the country and people.

Join us this October in building people-to-people ties on our Citizens Diplomacy trip to Iran: <>.

There are only a few spaces left, be sure to apply before July 21st, 2008.  Please also forward to your friends, family and community.

On this trip learn the complex facets of Iranian history, culture and the context of US-Iran relations.  Engage with Iranians as they go about their daily lives, and hear their hopes and fears for the future.  Observe that despite censorship and social repression, Iranians continue to advance and struggle towards change.  Join Global Exchange Reality Tours as a citizen diplomat to move past the political rhetoric, and do what our governments cannot do, create people-to-people ties.

“After having so many open conversations with locals from Tehran . . . to Shiraz . . . every Iranian city I’ve experienced has made me feel welcome and safe” (Blog by Sian Taylor).

“On the question of what should we as American visitors bring back to the U.S. as a message from Iran, we were asked to spread the word about what the people were like.  We were asked to think carefully, to learn more before making conclusions, to seek out information actively and not simply believe what mass media report” (“A Rich and Ancient Place” by Martha Hennessy).

Program Highlights:

  • Visit the bazaars and squares of Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz.
  • Converse with University, theological and high school students.
  • Visit important cultural and historical sites of ancient and modern Iran.

Tentative Itinerary:

Day 1-2 — Check-in to the Ferdowsi Hotel before visiting Tehran’s Tajrish bazaar and the beautiful Darband area nestled in the mountains.

Day 3-4 — Sa’ad Abad complex, site of former residence of the ex-Royal family of Iran.

Day 5-6 — Tour Yazd’s Zoroastrian ruins, along with the Friday Mosque and Ziaieyeh Theological School.

Khaju Bridge
Khaju Bridge, Isfahan.   Photo by Hamed Saber.

Day 7-9 — Tour Shiraz visiting a Shi’ite pilgrimage centre and the Qoran Gate.

Day 10-12 — Visit Isfahan, 17th C. capital of the Savafids and the Harun-e-Velayat shrine.  Observe the vibrant craft industry in action at various carpet workshops.

Day 13-15 — En route to Tehran visit stunning Sulaimanieh Spring.  Back in the capital visit Imam Khomeini’s shrine and the Martyrs Museum.>

Contact Iran Program Coordinator, Sanaz Meshkinpour with any questions or to sign-up, or call at 415.575.5528

And please spread the word about this exciting and important trip to your friends, family and community!

Many thanks and all the best,


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