• Bassidji: Talking to the Other Side

      A young boy sits on rusted tank tracks in the desert bordering Iran and Iraq.  His head is bowed, and he’s sobbing.  A few yards away, a dozen bearded men gather around a Shiite cleric.  The men weep as the cleric recounts the story of a fearless martyr killed during the Iran-Iraq war.  He […]

  • Citizen Diplomacy Tour to Iran — October 2008

      Dear Anti-War Activists, Mina Doroud, Jamshidieh Park, Tehran.   Photo by Hamed Saber. As you all know, the Bush administration is ratcheting up its rhetoric on Iran, and all of us are concerned and wondering how best to react and counter this growing threat.  As a resource to the anti-war movement, Global Exchange organizes […]