Is the Financial Crisis the Achilles Heel of Capitalist Globalization?


金融危機是全球化資本主義的罩門? 知名經濟學者阿敏專訪

Samir Amin: “It’ a monster, yes, it’s a monster, but it’s a monster which can be defeated also.  This pattern of globalization, this pattern of the exclusive rule of dominant capital, that is, of oligopolies, is not acceptable and is not accepted.  The breakdown is starting by the financial crisis, because financial globalization is the Achilles heel of the global capitalist system.  In that case, my prediction, because it’s a short-term prediction, is that this crisis is going to deepen in the coming years.”

Samir Amin: “. . . The dominant discourse is celebrating the progress of democracy throughout the world.  Democracy is presently in crisis everywhere.  Even in the West, the tradition of bourgeois democracy, this bourgeois democracy is in crisis.  We have enormous social movements of resistance to the neoliberal pattern of ruling the society.  Social movements, political movements, cultural movements, all these movements that have been going on for twenty years, we need to contribute to building convergences of those movements where we have to be optimistic about the capacities of people to invent new institutions, new forms of organization, and new forms of ruling the market.”

Samir Amin: “I think that the probability for it [a new multipolar order] to come to crystallize in the coming years is high.  There is a growing demand for a real multipolar system.  A multipolar world is a world in which all nations have their place.  It will not be equal, but less unequal. . . .”

This interview, produced by CWTV, Taipei, Taiwan, was released on YouTube on 13 September 2008.  The text above is a partial transcript of the interview.

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