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  • Demonstration in Support of the NYU Occupation

    Thursday, 12:15 PM In front of Kimmel Student Center60 Washington Square South, Manhattan, NYC Since 10pm Wednesday night, the third floor of the Kimmel Student Center at New York University has been occupied by more than 70 NYU and non-NYU students.  The students are making 13 demands concerning NYU investments in war profiteers and the […]

  • Che Guevara: The Economics of Revolution

      ‘I didn’t know Che had any economic ideas’ has been a frequent reply I’ve received when telling people about the topic of my research and my book Che Guevara: The Economics of Revolution.   It reflects the caricature of Guevara as a romantic guerrilla fighter with idealist notions of how human beings are motivated […]

  • Let’s Do It, like the Workers of Guadeloupe and Martinique!

      The general strike in Guadeloupe began almost a month ago, and the strike movement has spread to Martinique over the last two weeks, and yet the government and the management are still maneuvering, stalling and buying time, refusing to meet the demands. Backed by the entire population holding the largest demonstrations ever seen in […]

  • Egyptian Workers Strike against Fertilizer Export to Israel

      In an unprecedented action, the first following the recent Israeli war on Gaza, workers of the Egyptian Fertilizers Company in Suez protested on Saturday, 7 February against the export of fertilizers to Israel. The Egyptian Fertilizers Company is owned by Onsi and Nassef Sawiris under the umbrella of Orascom Construction Industries.  The Egyptian Fertilizers […]

  • Dresden and the Nazis

    A large-scale anti-fascist action in Dresden last weekend ended with brutal violence.  February 13th has for years been a day of solemn ceremonies in this city on the Elbe, the capital of Saxony.  It marks the date in 1945 when British and American planes destroyed the heart of Dresden, a treasure chest of baroque architecture […]

  • The Iranian Revolution and the US Policy of Dual Containment

    2009 marks the 30th anniversary of the Iranian Revolution.  The Revolution ended a symbiotic relation between the US and the Shah, whereby the latter helped to sustain the economic and political interests of the US in the Persian Gulf region and the former helped to preserve the rule of the Shah.  Since the end of […]

  • ATPC Communiqué on the Death of a CGTG Comrade

      In spite of the tireless calls of the Liyannaj Kont Pwofitasyon (LKP, Collective against Exploitation), the employers and the French government have let the situation deteriorate. Instead of really facilitating the negotiations, the French government’s representatives went from evasions to evasions (the prefect left the negotiation table on the 28th of January, and the […]

  • The Financial Crisis and the Real Economy: Beyond the Keynesian Fix

    The end of eight years of neoconservative belligerence in the White House came with a financial crisis exacerbated by decades of neoliberal economic policies.  As a result of this coincidence, the ideological winds in the United States are blowing powerfully to the left. The possibility of another great depression looming over the economy,1 left-wing and […]

  • SEIU-UHW Workers Speak Out on Andy Stern’s Trusteeship

    Andy Stern’s SEIU is pouring in millions of dollars to take over the UHW, ousting its leadership.  The first part of the video shows the rank and file of the 150,000-member local, as well as their ousted president Sal Rosselli, speaking out against Stern’s trusteeship; in the second part, Steve Zeltzer interviews former UHW organizer […]

  • Israel’s Elections: Another “Hamastan”?

    Many observers describe Israel’s political system as dysfunctional because its latest elections have likely produced a government hostile to the peace process.  These observers forget that Israeli voters themselves may have no interest in the peace process.  Otherwise, why the largest votes went to the three candidates who most stridently brandished their anti-Arab credentials? No […]

  • The State of Japanese Capitalism

      Japan’s economy shrank at an annual rate of 12.7 percent last quarter, the worst decline since 1974.  It is estimated that 125,000-400,000 more workers will be jobless by the end of March.  Japanese capitalism is visibly incapacitated, and so is its finance minister. Minister Nakagawa at a Post-G7 Press Conference Rome, 14 February 2009 […]

  • The Disease of Privatization

    Introduction Over the last two months, cholera has broken out in a number of provinces in South Africa.  Thousands of people have been infected and over fifty people have already died.1  Initially, a number of politicians, including parliamentarians from the right-wing Democratic Alliance (DA), tried to blame Zimbabweans — who were fleeing the economic meltdown, […]

  • Amendment Approved by a Margin of Almost a Million Votes!

    The amendment won the support of 54.36 percent of the population: 6,003,594 votes.  The “No” vote received 5,040,082 votes, i.e. 45.63 percent.  The abstention was about 33 percent.  The bulletin was issued with 94 percent of the votes counted. At 9:35 PM, the president of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Tibisay Lucena, first issued the […]

  • Message from Fidel to Chávez

    Congratulations to you and your people for a victory which, because of its magnitude, is impossible to measure.

  • A Date with the Future

    In those days when I, as an altar boy, used to walk in the humble church of Sabaneta, at the beginning of the stormy decade of the sixties of the last century, my spirit was first conquered by the blazing and whipping words of Jesus, Christ the Redeemer of the oppressed peoples. The Sermon on […]

  • Afghanistan and the Soviet Withdrawal 1989: 20 Years Later

      Washington D.C., February 15, 2009 — Twenty years ago today, the commander of the Soviet Limited Contingent in Afghanistan Boris Gromov crossed the Termez Bridge out of Afghanistan, thus marking the end of the Soviet war which lasted almost ten years and cost tens of thousands of Soviet and Afghan lives. As a tribute […]

  • The Heights of the Ridiculous

    Oh, I’m so scared! I just about died when I read the statements made by the U.D.I (Independent Democratic Union).

  • Venezuelan Government and Jewish Community Desire Dialogue and Collaboration

    The Jewish Association of Venezuela expressed its appreciation to the Chávez government and its organs of security for their investigations of the attack against the Tiferet Synagogue.  Foreign Minister Nicolás Maduro expressed the government’s desire to cooperate with the Jewish community and made it clear that the national government maintains “absolute respect for religious freedom.” […]

  • Chávez’ Article

    It was 2006. I was really very ill but very much aware of what was happening. During those days around the middle of September, the XIV NAM Summit where Cuba was elected to the Presidency was ending. I could barely sit up and take my place at a table. That’s how I received some important heads of state or government. The Prime Minister of India was among them. The highest ranking visitor I received in that emergency room in the Presidential Palace was the Ghanaian Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations, who a few days later would be ending his mandate.

  • Swan Song of the Rich

    The Chilean oligarchs tore their cloths at the visit of President Michelle Bachelet to Cuba.