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Civilians Suffer in Sri Lanka Conflict


Lucy Keating: “This video sent to Al Jazeera by Tamil sources shows what is supposed to be a no-fire zone, an area to keep civilians safe as war rages around them, but the war is here, too — it’s everywhere.  Medics say that in the last two days 28 civilians have been killed and more than 160 wounded. . .  The United Nations estimates that a hundred thousand civilians are still trapped here.”


Mark Seddon: “The government has given the Tamil Tigers 24 hours to surrender. . . .  150,000 Tamil civilians are being corralled in a corner the size of Central Park in Manhattan and being shelled by Sri Lankan troops.”

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See, also, Nagesh Rao, “Sri Lanka: An Unfolding Catastrophe” (MRZine, 19 February 2009).

“Civilians Suffer in Sri Lanka Conflict” was brought online by Al Jazeera on 19 April 2009 and “Tamils Take to the Streets in London” on 20 April 2009.

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