• The Mother of Mohamed Bouazizi Speaks to the Mothers of the Libyan Martyrs

    The family of Mohamed Bouazizi, the young Tunisian from Sidi Bouzid whose act of self-immolation triggered the Tunisian Revolution, has a message for the families in Libya who have lost their loved ones to the violent repression of protesters.  Bouazizi, a 26-year-old street vendor, set himself on fire on 17 December 2010 after police abused […]

  • Bahrain: The Third Day of Wrath

      “They renamed it [Manama’s central square] Tahrir Square after the one in Cairo.  They’ve started setting up tents, and vans are bringing supplies of food and water.” — Ahmed Hazim The Euronews video at the top and the Al Jazeera videos below it were released on 16 February 2011.  Cf. <www.facebook.com/TrueRoyalDemocracy>. | Print  

  • Clashes in Bahrain

    “Early on today, there was a funeral1 for the first of the victims. . . .  The funeral drew the crowd of — I estimate — as many as 10,000 people, the largest mass gathering we’ve had here in Bahrain for quite some time.”   1  The Funeral of Martyr Ali Abdulhadi Mushaima: This video […]

  • Egyptian Dictatorship, Made in USA

      The Egyptian dictatorship, made in the USA, is still powered by an Israeli battery, but the battery is running low. . . . This cartoon was first published by Al Jazeera; it is reproduced here for non-profit educational purposes.  Cf. Mark Landler and Helene Cooper, “Allies Press U.S. to Go Slow on Egypt” (New […]

  • Egypt: “If We Decide to Give In Now, They Will Hunt Us One by One”

      Because we can’t go.  We’ve lost a lot of people and we lost them for a cause.  The cause is that we want Mubarak to be out.  We owe it to them to stick it to the end.  We have many injured people; it will be very hard to move them. . . .  […]

  • Military Coup or Popular Revolution?  Egyptian Presidential Guard Head to State TV Station, Cheered On by Protesters

    “The presidential armed guard units, through the streets, headed towards the national television station, the state-run television station.  A bit of a confusing picture there in Cairo, because we are seeing protesters cheering the presidential guard, happy that these troops are arriving.” This video was uploaded to YouTube on 28 January 2011.  The text above […]

  • Families Divided by US Deportation

      Past US administrations have deported illegal immigrants, but under President Obama the process has accelerated. This video was first released by Al Jazeera on 19 January 2011. | Print  

  • James Galbraith on Bank Stress Tests

    Al Jazeera: Earlier, I spoke with progressive American economist James Galbraith, and I asked him to explain why some banks still need more capital after receiving billions in government bailouts. James Galbraith: I think this is expected.  If the test did not show that they needed capital, nobody would believe them.  At the same time, […]

  • Civilians Suffer in Sri Lanka Conflict

      Lucy Keating: “This video sent to Al Jazeera by Tamil sources shows what is supposed to be a no-fire zone, an area to keep civilians safe as war rages around them, but the war is here, too — it’s everywhere.  Medics say that in the last two days 28 civilians have been killed and […]