Egypt: “If We Decide to Give In Now, They Will Hunt Us One by One”


Because we can’t go.  We’ve lost a lot of people and we lost them for a cause.  The cause is that we want Mubarak to be out.  We owe it to them to stick it to the end.  We have many injured people; it will be very hard to move them. . . .  Everyone in this square knows that, if we decide to give in now, they will hunt us one by one.  We’ve been through this — we know it. . . .  If everyone is so concerned, why is Mubarak still there and we’re losing people every minute? . . .  We are not leaving this place till Mubarak leaves, so there are only two options for the whole world to do: Either they stick to Mubarak and his regime and we lose thousands of people in this square and it goes from Liberation Square to Massacre Square. . . .  Or they say no to Mubarak’s regime and give people here a chance at living a good life.

Mona Seif is an Egyptian activist.  Follow Mona Seif at <>.  This video was uploaded to YouTube on 2 February 2011.  Cf. Amy Goodman, “Eyewitnesses to a Massacre: Reports from Inside Tahrir Square as Pro-Mubarak Forces Open Fire on Protesters,” Interview with Selma al-Tarzi and Mona El Seif (DemocracyNow! 3 February 2011).


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