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Geography Archives: Egypt

Comic about the anniversary of 25 January Revolution

Egypt 2016: Who was worse, Mubarak, Morsi or Sisi?

2016 was a very difficult year for the Egyptians. Most—both the average man and the political caste—even say it was / is the worst year in the country’s history. Attacking the “revolution” or uprising of 2011, its aims, symbols and representatives, has no longer become an excess of some “Mubarakists”, but obviously, the policy of […]

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The Electoral Victory of Political Islam in Egypt

The electoral victory of the Muslim Brotherhood and of the Salafists in Egypt (January 2012) is hardly surprising.  The decline brought about by the current globalization of capitalism has produced an extraordinary increase in the so-called “informal” activities that provide the livelihoods of more than half of the Egyptian population (statistics give a figure of […]

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Egyptian Workers Speak Out

“What were the reasons for this revolution if not for us to have a voice, to establish our worth, our dignity, to feel like we’re humans, with the right to say yes or no?” Video by Mosireen. | Print

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Egypt: #OccupyCabinet

It all began with the kidnapping and torture of Aboudi Ibrahim, a protester from the #OccupyCabinet sit-in: A first military attack on Tahrir Square today: An army solider strips the shirt off a female protestor, beats her, and abuses her: If you look closely, you see the attack on her and what appears to be […]

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Egypt’s Nour Party Leader: Onward to Salafi Pragmatism, Keeping Good Relations with US and Peace Treaty with Israel

  Cairo — Emad Abdel Ghafour, the head of the Nour Party representing the Salafi school of Islamic fundamentalism, which is expected to make a great leap forward in Egypt’s first parliamentary elections since the collapse of the Mubarak regime, made the party’s foreign policy public, in an exclusive interview with Jiji Press.  “We’ll strive […]

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Free Elections in Egypt

Carlos Latuff is a Brazilian cartoonist.  Cf. “As with Morocco, with the outcome largely predictable, the most interesting aspect of the results will not be the allocation of seats but the turnout.  SCAF will be hoping for a high participation rate as evidence of popular endorsement of its transitional role” (James Asfa, “Democrats Against Elections: […]

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