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Egypt’s march towards the future its millions demanded did not end with Mubarak leaving power — it only began.

Mosireen, which is a play on the Arabic words for “Egypt” and “determined,” was founded in the wake of Mubarak’s fall by a group of film makers and activists who got together to create a collective space dedicated to supporting citizen media of all kinds.  We film the ongoing revolution; publish videos that challenge state media narratives; provide training, technical support, equipment; organize screenings and events; and host an extensive library of footage from the revolution.

We became the most watched non-profit YouTube channel in Egypt of all time and in the whole world in January.

The Mosireen workspace is open to everyone, regardless of their level of experience or ability to pay.  We see a large part of our role as helping network a wide variety of initiatives and projects, especially those born out of a spirit of civic engagement.  As well as connecting those with skills, we are also working to share our skills with others and have run free training courses for more than 250 people so far.

All our services are run on a pay-what-you-can basis.  All our videos are available to download or stream completely for free and openly for all non-commercial viewings, screenings, and distributions.

We are at a crucial moment in history where we have a chance to take strides towards social justice.  And it will be that little bit easier with your help.

To keep the Mosireen workspace, run workshops, employ staff, and maintain our equipment, we need around $60,000 a year.  We plan on raising this money through private donations, membership fees, and online fundraising.  We are very keen to keep the membership fees as low as possible to make media work accessible to everyone.  We are also not taking any governmental or NGO money to ensure we have total independence.

If you can afford to support us, thank you — you’ll be supporting one of the groups of people working to resist the censorship and poor media coverage of social struggles erupting all across the country.

To donate to Mosireen, go to <>.

Mosireen is a non-profit media collective in Downtown Cairo born out of the explosion of citizen media and cultural activism in Egypt during the revolution.  For more information: <>; and <>.

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