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  • Evolution of the Mexican State

    The Mexican state appears to be changing, leading a number of Mexican intellectuals to speculate on the nature of the change.  This is not simply a question of Mexico becoming a “failed state,” about which there has been much speculation, but rather an attempt to theorize the evolution of the Mexican state at this moment.  […]

  • Do Darfur’s IDPs Have an Urban Future?

    Most of Darfur’s internally-displaced camps are urban settlements in all but name.  In geographical terms the most striking impact of the last seven years has been to change Darfur from being overwhelmingly scattered rural villages and hamlets to huge extended cities.  In the wake of the abrupt expulsion of the international NGOs which provided a […]

  • Israel on Trial

    Chilling testimony by Israeli soldiers substantiates charges that Israel’s Gaza Strip assault entailed grave violations of international law.  The emergence of a predominantly right-wing, nationalist government in Israel suggests that there may be more violations to come.  Hamas’s indiscriminate rocket attacks on Israeli civilians also constituted war crimes, but do not excuse Israel’s transgressions.  While […]

  • Obama’s Song

    At a 2:30 press conference, Cuban time, after the G-20 Summit concluded, the president of the United States declared that unemployment has reached its highest level in 26 years in his country.

  • The Blighted Groves of Academe

      The more I read about the state of our colleges and universities, the more thankful I am that I quit my job at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown (UPJ) in 2001, after thirty-two years of teaching.  I wrote the following essay a dozen years ago, and since then, matters have gotten progressively worse, […]

  • The Iran-Venezuela Bi-national Bank Launched

    The president of the new financial institution, Kurosh Parvizian, noted that this institution is a smart project in the face of the international economic crisis.  The creation of a bi-national fund, which will have a capital of 1.2 billion dollars, will strengthen Venezuela’s strategic alliance with Iran and South-South cooperation. The president of Venezuela, Hugo […]

  • Summer 2009 Medical Mission to Treat Iraqi and Palestinian Refugees in Syria

    The home to hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees for over half a century, Syria has since 2003 taken in over 1 million Iraqi refugees.  The International Crisis Group estimates that 57% of Iraqis in Syria are affected by chronic medical conditions and a late 2007 survey conducted by IPSOS found depression and anxiety highly […]

  • France: Anti-NATO Protesters Clash with Police, 300 Arrested, 105 Detained

    The clashes between police and anti-NATO demonstrators in Strasbourg on Thursday, 2 April resulted in 300 people arrested and 105 detained, according to the figures released by the police on Friday.  DDP, a Germany news agency, reported that its photographer was injured by a rubber bullet during the clashes. The Résistance des Deux Rives collective […]

  • Chávez: The Empire of the Dollar Is Coming to an End

    Proposal for the Creation of the “Petro” Currency Should Not Be Seen in Isolation Caracas, 31 Mar (ABN) — The proposal of the president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez Frías, to create a new currency called the “Petro” should not be seen in isolation from what is happening in today’s global economy, said the governor of […]

  • Unemployment Jumps to 8.5 Percent, Economy Sheds 663,000 Jobs

    The age-adjusted unemployment rate is already above the 1982 level. The unemployment rate jumped to 8.5 percent in March as the economy shed another 663,000 jobs according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  With the job loss reported for March, and upward revisions of 84,000 for the prior two months, the economy has lost an […]

  • The Start of the Summit

    Today the G-20 Summit began. The experts in economic matters have made an enormous effort. Some, with experience in important international positions; others, as learned researchers. The subject is a complex one, the language is new and demands that we be familiar with the terms, the economic facts, the international agencies and the political leaders who have the greatest weight on the international scene. Therefore, our desire to simplify and to explain intelligibly what is happening in London, just as I see it.

  • Chávez and Ahmadinejad Call for Breaking Free from Free Trade

    The presidents of Venezuela and Iran met on Thursday at the presidential palace in Tehran, where they agreed on the need to make a systemic change that allows countries to break free from free trade and promote fair trade and complementary relations between countries. The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, and his Iranian counterpart, Mahmoud […]

  • The G20 and the HIRCs

      A group of seven highly indebted rich countries (HIRC) of the world have organized a meeting of twenty nations in London in order to discuss the future of the world’s finances.  They have invited some creditors among developing countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, some Arab countries, China, and India, leaving aside all the […]

  • Anti-G20 Protesters Rock the City of London

      – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – See also TeleSur‘s coverage of the protest. Hamish Macdonald’s report was broadcast by Al Jazeera on 1 April 2009.

  • Death of a Demonstrator in London Was Not So “Natural”: Police Provoked Confrontations

      Activists interviewed by an alternative journalism collective Pueblos Sin Fronteras reported that the police provocation made the protests violent, penning demonstrators in separate corrals and preventing them from moving for hours, without access to water, food, or restrooms.  This may explain the collapse of a citizen who died this Wednesday while the demonstrators were […]

  • Motorola Sells Israel Bomb Division as National Boycott Campaign Advances

    Washington, DC (April 2) — The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation and allied organizations participating in a national boycott campaign against Motorola welcomed news that Motorola Israel Ltd. has sold its Government Electronics Department, which made several products that enable Israel’s military occupation of and human rights abuses against Palestinians. The reported sale […]

  • Changing the Rules of War

    The extent of Israel’s brutality against Palestinian civilians in its 22-day pounding of the Gaza Strip is gradually surfacing.  Israeli soldiers are testifying to lax rules of engagement tantamount to a license to kill.  One soldier commented: “That’s what is so nice, supposedly, about Gaza: You see a person on a road, walking along a […]

  • Chávez Proposes Creation of OPEC Bank to Cushion Impacts of Global Recession

    During his speech, the Venezuelan head of state insisted that “the agreements not remain on paper” as in previous years.  He condemned the arrest warrant on the president of Sudan, Omar al-Bashir, issued by the International Criminal Court “by order of the United States” and stressed the need to create a currency to confront the […]

  • What Notimex Didn’t Say

    Early on Tuesday March 31st, I read a Notimex news cable dated the 30th; it stated, verbatim:

  • Another Great Problem in Today’s World

    The financial crisis is not the only problem; there is another that is worse because it deals not with the production and distribution methods but with existence itself. I am referring to climate change. Both are present and will be discussed at the same time.