• Israel on Trial

    Chilling testimony by Israeli soldiers substantiates charges that Israel’s Gaza Strip assault entailed grave violations of international law.  The emergence of a predominantly right-wing, nationalist government in Israel suggests that there may be more violations to come.  Hamas’s indiscriminate rocket attacks on Israeli civilians also constituted war crimes, but do not excuse Israel’s transgressions.  While […]

  • Changing the Rules of War

    The extent of Israel’s brutality against Palestinian civilians in its 22-day pounding of the Gaza Strip is gradually surfacing.  Israeli soldiers are testifying to lax rules of engagement tantamount to a license to kill.  One soldier commented: “That’s what is so nice, supposedly, about Gaza: You see a person on a road, walking along a […]

  • Obama’s Missteps

    On his first day as the presumptive Democratic candidate for president earlier this month, Barack Obama committed a serious foreign policy blunder.  Reciting a litany of pro-Israeli positions at the annual meeting of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), he avowed: “Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided.” In […]