Nothing Resolved in Honduras

Bertha Oliva, Comité de Familiares de Detenidos Desaparecidos en Honduras (COFADEH): I believe that the accord was destined to come out bad.  As a general rule, you can’t sit down and negotiate under imposition and repression.  This was what happened before, during, and after the agreement. . . .

Jesse Freeston: The accord was broken by the United States.  While the official US position has always been that Zelaya is the legitimate president of Honduras, the State Department’s top official for Latin America, Assistant Secretary Thomas Shannon, while appearing on CNN en Español on Wednesday, pledged US support for the upcoming elections, regardless of whether or not Zelaya has returned to power beforehand.

CNN en Español: “So, for the US, the case is that the crisis is all but over.  The elections will be recognized on the 29th, and the Hondurans will resolve the question of Zelaya, whatever the result may be.”

Shannon: “The future of Honduran democracy is now in the hands of Hondurans.”

CNN en Español: “So, the US is done, and whatever happens, happens, and you will recognize whatever happens on the 29th.”

Shannon: “Yes, exactly.”

This video was brought online by The Real News on 5 November 2009.  The quotations above are excerpts from the video.  See, also, previous reports by Jesse Freeston: “Clock Ticking in Honduras” (29 October 2009); “‘Nothing Happening’ in Honduras” (1 October 2009); “The Siege of Tegucigalpa” (24 September 2009); “Zelaya’s Return to Honduras Met with Force” (22 September 2009); “Coup Inciting Revolution in Honduras?” (18 September 2009); “Mr. Zelaya Goes to Washington” (6 September 2009); “Honduran Resistance Goes It Alone” (26 August 2009); “Honduras: Where Does Washington Stand?” (5 August 2009); “Zelaya Just One of Millions” (23 July 2009); “The Honduran Battle for Washington” (21 July 2009); “Honduran Coup Resistance Growing” (6 July 2009); “Honduras under Siege” (3 July 2009); and “Military Coup in Honduras” (29 June 2009).

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