Sussex University Occupation, 8-9 February 2010


“We recognise that an attack on education workers is an attack on us. . . . They’re occupying everywhere in waves across California, New York, Greece, Croatia, Germany and Austria and elsewhere — and not only in the universities.  We send greetings of solidarity and cheerful grins to all those occupation movements and everyone else fighting the pay cuts, cuts in services and jobs which will multiply everywhere as bosses and states try and pull out of the crisis. . . .  Occupy again and again and again.  NO CUTS ANYWHERE.  THE UNIVERSITY IS A FACTORY.  STRIKE.  OCCUPY.” — All the occupiers of the 8th of February

Cf. “Occupation Statement 1” (8 February 2010); and “More Action Promised as 29h Flash Occupation Ends” (9 February 2010).

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