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Hexenverbrennung zu Dernburg im Jahre 1555 (zeitgenˆssischer Stich). Der Hexenwahn in Europa erreichte vor 400 Jahren einen traurigen Hˆhepunkt. Ganze Dorfgemeinschaften zerfielen auf dem Scheiterhaufen, bestialische Foltern zur Erzwingung von Gest‰ndnissen gerieten zur Kunstform, und die Erdrosselung vor dem Tod galt noch als eine grofle Gnade. (Zu dpa lhe und lrs 001 vom 31.10.1995.)

Gossip girls

In her landmark Caliban and the Witch, Marxist scholar Silvia Federici argues that witch hunts were an organized campaign of mass murder of women–particularly low-class women, midwives, or “wise women”–who defied the increasing implementation of a patriarchal, authoritarian order under a rapidly developing capitalist state.

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Berlin Bulletin by Victor Grossman

Women marchers and absentees

Berlin, alone among Germany’s 16 states, has declared International Women’s Day a paid holiday, compensating for the fact that the city-state has fewer religious holidays than all the others. A third of the city was once part of the (East) German Democratic Republic, which always marked the day; that may also have contributed to the […]

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“If you touch one, we will all respond.”

Marx for today: a socialist-feminist reading

CONSIDERING HIS WORK as a whole, Marx had little to say directly about women’s oppression or the relationship between patriarchy and capitalism.(1) And some of what he had to say was, well, misguided. Yet Marxist feminists have drawn on his thought to create a distinctive approach to understanding these issues.(2)

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Celebrating Rosa Luxemburg

Celebrating Rosa Luxemburg

A remarkable figure amid a revolutionary ferment, Rosa Luxemburg lit the way for generations to come. Sally Campbell recalls her legacy, and we reprint Luxemburg’s final article, written the day before she died in January 1919.

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Every Woman Is a Working Woman Silvia Federici interviewed by Jill Richards

Every woman is a working woman

In 1972 feminists from Italy, England, and the United States convened in Padova, Italy, for a two-day conference. Associated with the extra-parliamentary left, anti-colonial struggles, and alternatives to the communist party, these activists composed a declaration for action, the “Statement of the International Feminist Collective.”

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Philosophin Frigga Haug- „Auch ich! zu sagen, ist zu wenig.“ (Photo Credit: Berliner Zeitung)

Thirteen theses of marxism-feminism

In the face of the deep crises of capitalism, with all the safety valves unscrewed so that each crisis is merely an intensification of the previous one; with crises increasingly affecting the everyday lives and living conditions making planning more precarious for an increasing number of women left alone with a double burden to carry, […]

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Social reproduction theory- What’s the big idea?

Social reproduction: what’s the big idea?

Key to social reproduction theory (SRT) is an understanding of the ‘production of goods and services and the production of life are part of one integrated process’, or in other words: acknowledging that race and gender oppression occur capitalistically.

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