Solidarity with MUCA: We Condemn the Regime and Oligarchs’ Repression


The Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (COPINH), in the face of continuous murders, persecution, and torture, as well as the political repression in general by the regime that is the heir to the coup, says:

1.  We condemn the crimes perpetrated against the members of the Resistance who are answering this nation’s call for re-foundation today, having clearly seen the cruelty against our brothers and sisters of the United Peasant Movement of Aguan (MUCA), who have lost another member, 22-year-old compañero Miguel Alonso Oliva.

2.  We express our solidarity with the family of compañero Alonso Oliva and MUCA and support their just cause, which is ours.

3.  We hold responsible, for this violence and impunity, the regime of Mr. Pepe Lobo, Oscar Álvarez, the putschist oligarchs, the police, the army, and the security forces of Miguel Facusse, René Morales, and Reynaldo Canales, and death squads trained by Billy Joya, who are the product of the cowardly fascist mentality of the powers that be, imperialism, and their interests.

4.  This policy of terrorism — which is designed to paralyze us with fear and not to allow us to think and act to build a country based on justice, liberty, dignity, sovereignty, and self-determination, led by the excluded and oppressed — will be in vain.  We declare that, against more repression, we shall struggle harder and get better organized, inspired as we are by the unstoppable peoples’ history.

5.  Likewise, we condemn the murders and persecution perpetrated against the lives of the Lesbian, Gay, Transsexual, and Bisexual (LGTBI) community and its defenders, reporters, socially conscious journalists, youth, and women in resistance.

6.  We call on organized and unorganized people, the Resistance, and solidarity groups to intensify our actions and mobilizations in defense of life, to persevere in this historic moment when the people is on its way to its re-founded and liberated destiny, to continue raising our diverse, strong, and vigorous voices.

7.  The People in Resistance is getting ready to exercise and build up popular power by holding a popular consultation in order to demand the establishment of a Popular and Democratic National Constituent Assembly, as an important element for the re-foundation of the country.  We will be prepared to firmly and energetically join this totally legitimate action.

8.  We call on the governments of the world, the OAS, the UN, financial and other international organizations to be consistent in their discourses on democracy and respect for human rights and to refuse to recognize this regime which is the same regime of Micheletti, oligarchs, and putschist military men who have violated the most fundamental rights of the Honduran people.

9.  We encourage the militant international campaign of solidarity with this cause of the Honduran people, the cause of all the peoples in the world who are fighting for their liberation, to continue taking diverse actions in their countries and in Honduras, to demand that their governments not recognize the oppressor regime which intends to consolidate the coup’s aim, the violent and predatory project of domination.

With the ancestral force of Iselaca, Lempira, and Etempica, we raise our voices for life, justice, liberty, dignity, and peace.

The blood of martyrs is a seed of liberty!

People, we are answering the call of Lempira and Morazán, all women and men, to re-found Honduras.

In the face of the military coup, popular resistance!

Solidarity with the United Peasant Movement of Aguan!

Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (COPINH)

April 2010

The original statement “Solidaridad con Muca – Condenamos la represión del régimen y los oligarcas” was published on the COPINH Web site on 2 April 2010.  Translation by Yoshie Furuhashi (@yoshiefuruhashi | yoshie.furuhashi [at]

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